Swami Yogamani’s teachings are life changing. When I came across MYC Yoga’s offering, I had always been curious about yoga but felt intimidated by all terminology and was wondering whether one had to be fit and flexible to be able to practise it. Finding Yogamani was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time. Her teachings are profound yet accessible for people on every level. She delivers an experience that is magical because she gets you to reconnect with your own magical self and draw from the wisdom within. This way it is always perfect, at the level that is right for every unique individual. I have learned so much from Yogamani over the years that I can’t thank her enough for everything she has taught me. I have been to yoga studios where the practise is taught like an exercise class, missing the whole spiritual side of yoga. I’ve also been to advanced classes by other teachers which are presented like an elite affair. No other teacher has ever made me feel so comfortable and at the same time encourages me to become the best possible version of myself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I can highly recommend Swami Yogamani’s classes to everyone!

Love Petra x

Swami Yogamani has be offering Yoga classes in our workplace at Spark Arena for the past 12 months & transitioned into online zoom classes over the C19 LockDown phase. She is an absolute breath of fresh air. Our staff have come to rely on her sessions for not only the physical challenge but also the serenity that breathwork & meditation bring. She is so thorough, intuitive & knowledgable. Personally I am now joining other sessions of hers & take all that I can from her wealth of knowledge & experience.

Ange Hart Spark Arena

Swami Yogamani is for anyone who wants a real authentic, safe and heart warming yoga experience. Her practice is rooted in ancient wisdom and you can feel it as she instructs any of her classes. I tried ‘trendy’ yoga like hot yoga but it didn’t stick. Where as I always returned to Swami Yogamani’s classes because I always felt so nourished, grounded and calm after every class. Plus her classes are a family of like minded people from all walks of life and it is so easy to make friends. Yoga nidra, asana, meditation etc. with Yogamani is sooo good. I believed in Swami Yogamani’s ethos so much that I went on a month long retreat to India with her. It was absolutely amazing! I am so impressed at how Swami Yogamani has adapted to covid life by using Zoom to deliver her classes, she is the best!’

With blessings and gratitude
Sian Palmer x

Over the years I have attended many of Swami Yogamani’s classes (yoga, meditation and breath work) both in person and more recently via zoom. I have found her classes inclusive, varied and responsive to the time and the participants- who are from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Yogamani’s style is generous and her knowledge is deep. She does I believe, have a unique ability to impart the essence of true yoga. The simplicity of the practice belies the depth of its benefits, which are sustaining on every level. These wonderful tools have definitely enhanced my experience of life day to day.

Debbie Clark May 2020

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