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Peace of mind

Keep up todate with our resouces & advice through these resources in these difficult & uncertain time we are all facing.

Cathy Pope

Together Journal



Virtual Satsang in English

with Swamini Amritajyoti Prana


Self Realization


Staying Conscious in the Face of Adversity

by Eckhart Tolle

Quote’s to live by

In order to create positive change, we simply must do things differently. ~ Swami Yogamani Saraswati

Shall i fall on bended knees And wait for someone to bless me With happiness and a life of golden dreams? No. I shall run into the desert of life with my arms open, Sometimes falling, sometimes stumbling, But always picking myself up, a thousand times if necessary… 

~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Sankapla

When we think of yoga, we mean development of the human personality in every aspect. When we practice yoga, we practice it for attaining balance, harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of our personality and expression.

~ Swami Niranjan

The practice of asana takes the body from a normal state to a highly tuned and balanced state.

~ Swami Niranjan

Knowledge of truth only comes when you are free of tension.

~ Swami Satyananda

Meditation allows you to realise your own true beautiful nature.

~ Swami Niranjan