Learn to act not react
~ Swami Niranjananda 

~ Jewel of yoga…


Her yogic journey began after a fall from a horse at a young age, leaving her with spinal damage. She has both studied and taught extensively both nationally and internationally. She continues to teach across all areas of life from the absolute beginner to the advanced practitioner.

She teaches appropriately to suit the audience,  safe, practical, yet achievable blend of practises that reshape, not only the body but the complete personality. Promoting calm so one can live in ease. Passionate about sharing transformational tools for life, her sessions draw from a vast range of ancient practises from physical postures to breath work, meditation and balanced lifestyle. Providing a platform for self responsibility, for ones own health. Yoga more as a lifestyle, than just a weekly exercise. Swami Yogamani also leads a variety of retreats annually and to India. Providing an opportunity to join her, and experience the deeper aspects of Yoga, Meditation and humanitarian work, (Seva, selfless service) in its homeland.

Swami Yogamani is privileged to have held and continues teaching longterm residencies over the years teaching all aspects of Yoga and Meditation at the Stunning Seafarers Club in Auckland’s Britomart, The John Bolton Theatre School, Read Leap Theatre Company, Popup Globe, PIPA The Pacific Institute Performing Arts along with other dance and Theatre companies, Auckland District Health Board, Estee Lauder Companies, NZ Architecture Guild, Paris Butter French Restaurant, Auckland University, Auckland Medical School, Zen Detox Premium Retreat, to name just a few. She has been selected as an Ambassador for Yoga and Meditation for Lululemon Britomart Auckland and holds regular corporate wellness and mental health classes throughout Auckland including a residency at Spark Arena.

Yogamani has been featured in a Cathy Pope jewellery campaign, “Real Women, Real Worlds”.

Swami Yogamani has written articles on the Science of Meditation for Canvas and Viva Magazines.

YOGAMANI Marriage Celebrant

Celebration of life & love, bespoke wedding celebrant offering more than the ritual.

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